• Do you have a clear picture of your numbers?

    Our experienced finance directors can audit your account making sure everything is booked properly as it should be.

  • Need help to decrypt your finance?

    Setting up financial reports is a must to understand
    where you’re going; we ensure exactly that and more.

SmeCFO helps your small and Medium-sized Enterprise
(SME) find part-time Chief Financial Officers (CFO).
We help you get your finances under control.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Small & Medium Enterprise

Who We Are

Experienced Chief Financial Officers who use our passion for numbers to help owners of small and mid-sized enterprises realise their ambitions through strategic financial decision making - without investing in a full time CFO.

See how we can help

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Small & Medium Enterprise

What We Do

We take the financial worries off your shoulders so you can structure and grow your business. We are completely flexible which means our financial and strategic expertise is adaptable to your needs. Plus, we don’t tie you into a long term contract — you decide exactly how many days per month you need us.

SmeCFO combines reporting, cash flow management, strategy and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics to implement internal controls and correct accounting procedures that create a solid foundation for your company.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Small & Medium Enterprise

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We’re looking for exceptional, qualified CFOs to work with us. If you’re looking for a reliable source of income AND you want to achieve a greater work-life balance, talk to us about our exciting part time assignments. We look forward to working with you!


  • I worked with Jerome during his 1 year stint at Driessen Air Cargo Equipment. Jerome is a dedicated finance professional with excellent skills who was able to improve the financial function of Driessen Air Cargo Equipment substantially in a year that was characterized by significant top and bottom line growth. Furthermore Jerome is a very pleasant and reliable person to work with

    Bart Pull ter Gunne
    Chief Financial Officer at Zodiac Aerospace

  • Jerome proved himself to be an insightful and detail oriented finance professional during a difficult transition in UTi Philippines. He was the impetus for change and ensured the improvement and changes in processes and personel was well managed and inline with corporate finance expectations. He would be an asset to any MNC looking to restore confidence and professionalism in their finance department and interdepartment/country coordination and cooperation.

    Brian Posey
    Country Head of Panalpina Energy Solutions
    at PT. Panalpina Nusajaya Transport

  • I had the pleasure to work together with Benoit Meneau during the period 2013-2014, during which time Benoit reported to me. Benoit is a very professional colleague with a truly sound sense of business. Benoit consistently acted in the best interest of our customers and the company, being one of the most hard working colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with. Benoit is structured, analytical whilst at the same time always maintaining focus on the broader perspective of business. Benoit was a key driver in solid operating profit leverage. Moreover, Benoit is a strong peoples manager, always seeking to develop the people around him. I strongly recommend Benoit to any organization seeking outstanding people.

    Henrik Johannesson
    Vice President & Head of Africa at Oriflame,
    Member of Global Management team

  • Benoit is a true finance executive. He is a detail oriented person, always questioning everything to make sure sound decision making and has been playing a strategic business partner to other functions. He has shown his impressive ability to cope with any complex situation and deliver results at the same time. As a supervisor, he sets high objectives, yet gives full support at the same time. He can be a demanding person, but easy to work with. He is absolutely a high valuable asset for the company!

    Andrina Kustiwulan
    Finance Director at Oriflame Indonesia