How We Work

Our aim is to place the right person, with the right skills and experience, within the right company.

Whether your business is a startup or large organization, is enjoying fast paced growth or under pressure, structured financial activities and planned resources are a prerequisite to growth.

A CFO is not only responsible for overseeing the financial activities of an organization, he or she also plays a key role in advising the CEO when it comes to taking the right operational and strategic turns.

Connecting people

  • We have the experience of financial leadership in various industries, supporting businesses in different phases of development, from SMEs to publically listed companies.
  • Experienced CFOs, each of them stringently selected not only for their technical skills and knowledge in specific industries, but above all for their hands-on experience and business acumen.
  • For companies looking for a skilled finance leader and business partner, capable of driving financial activities towards an optimization of profitability for long term growth, in coordination with other functions.

The ultimate decision is with our clients!

  • Our clients describe their business needs, we advise them in selecting the right profile. CFOs from our network, selecting assignments that best match their background.

Cost efficiency

  • No placement fee: we are not a recruitment agency and this is not an employment relationship. No long term commitment is required from our clients.

Part Time CFO:

  • The solution for small companies in need of CFO competencies to assist in the development of their company.
  • The solution for CFOs willing to diversify their activity, or balance their professional and personal lives with a part-time assignment.
  • Get assistance one or two days per week, or one week per month: you chose the best solution tailored to your business and above all to your budget.

Interim CFO:

  • SmeCFO also provides immediate interim assistance during the absence of your current CFO.

Whether you’re a business owner looking for financial advice or consulting or you’re a CFO who is interested in working with SmeCFO, we’re looking forward to talking to you.

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